Learn to cook authentic Indian dishes in the comfort of your own home in Perth WA or book Shoba as your own personal cook for dinner parties...


Tired of watching endless TV cooking shows or following recipes from the Internet and not getting the same results? Then why not try a completely different approach - a cookery class in your own home.

All our exciting Classes are in the comfort of your own kitchen, they can be 1 to 1 or get a few of your friends or family members together to form a small group class. All the spices necessary for the class are provided and best of all you get to feast on the delights prepared after your curry cookery lesson.

Whether you are an experienced family cook or a novice, I can give you a new found inspiration and confidence of working with spices in order to recreate those delectable Indian dishes in the comfort of your own home. Chooose your dishes or follow one of Shobas fantastic menus. Your lesson will cover recipes using spices that will keep on tantalising the taste buds of all those you cook for!

Your cooking lesson is designed with you in mind and you will be guided step by step through each recipe. Your spice tasting session with Shoba will help you to develop your senses to the spices, their flavours and the way in which they are used, allowing you to combine ones to suit your preferences.

Stuck on birthday or Christmas present ideas for your friends, family or loved ones, then why not book a surprise cookery gift experience for them. You can purchase personalised pre-paid Gift Vouchers for them.


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